Prime Drivers Enjoy Go Karts in Cali!

“My PSD & TNT Student William Seabrooks (in the back) and I Roosevert Coronado (in the front). We got to our 90 in Thousand Oaks, California a day early on a Sunday, but we had to wait till Monday for our 90 to open. So we decided to go next door & enjoy a little time riding some go karts which I have been dying to do myself, too. I love Prime because it gave me the opportunity of doing what I have wanted to do since I was younger, become an American Trucker. Prime gave me the opportunity to provide more for my family & really get to know the beauty of the USA. Thank You Prime Inc for everything.”-Roosevert Coronado (Prime Driver since 2014 and PSD Program Graduate)

Roosevert Coronado

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Prime Driver Testimonial-Gerald Bowers

“My Trainer Johnny Jackson and I in Nevada, on our way to Idaho. I just started with Prime a week ago, and it is an absolute blast. Other than on my Harley, I can’t think of a better way to see this beautiful country that we call home.

I came to the trucking industry after a 20 year career in the oilfield as a commercial diver. (CB handle is “Diver Driver)

I’m loving the “paid travel” that trucking offers, and I really appreciate the level of importance that Prime places on safety.” -Gerald Bowers

Prime Drivers Gerald Bowers and Johnny Jackson

Prime Drivers Gerald Bowers and Johnny Jackson

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2016 Night of the Millionaires

On Feb 25th, Prime held its 2nd annual Night of the Millionaires to recognize more than 380 drivers who have driven over 1 million safe miles while driving for our company. It was a fun night celebrating with friends and family and telling tales from the road. Thank you to all of our millionaires for your service and safety!

View the event photos here:

Congratulations to all new inductees below from 2015!

  • 3 Million Miles (21 years of accident-free service):
    • Tamara L Daniels
    • Glen Horack
    • Archie R McCourt
    • Ira B Miley
    • Michael Shoenfelt
  • 2 Million Miles (14 years of accident-free service):
    • Michael Adkins
    • Mavis Bobbitt
    • Anthony Brown
    • Barbara Call
    • David Call
    • Jimmy Carroll
    • Wayne Casimir
    • Carrol Dillahunty
    • Candace Fiedler
    • Richard Frank
    • Donald Goetz
    • Andre Green
    • Raymond Host
    • Brian Johnson
    • Bruce Luebke
    • Rita Marsh
    • Douglas Okino
    • William Owensby
    • Sandra Paananen
    • Cynthia Patrick
    • Aubrey Prince
    • Edward Whaley
    • Laura White
    • Michael White
    • David Williams
    • Ronald Wormington
  • 1 Million Miles (7 miles of accident-free service):
    • William Albright
    • Craig Armistead
    • Raymond Bachynski
    • Charles Baker
    • Jason Baker
    • Timothy Barrett
    • Theaundreia Bell
    • Eric Berger
    • Paige Bevier
    • Ryan Blackwell
    • Valoree Blakebarker
    • Walter Bloom
    • Anthony Brown
    • Brian Brown
    • Anthony Bryen
    • Jason Bukowski
    • Cathie Byrd
    • Jack Campbell
    • Rodolfo Carrizales Jr.
    • Mark Carter
    • Barton Cecil
    • Cedric Charles
    • David Childress
    • Robert Clark
    • Orion Cochran
    • Damien Curry
    • Lawrence Curry
    • Matthew Damm
    • Franklin Davis
    • Joe Davis
    • Mark Davis
    • Mitchell Dingus
    • Ken Drury
    • Alfred Dyson
    • Anthony Eck
    • Jacob Frazier
    • Terrill French
    • Richard Fuentes
    • Stephen Gades
    • Danny Gibbons
    • William Grube
    • Jimmy Harget
    • Isaac Harris
    • Lawrence Harris
    • James Hill
    • Willie Hill
    • Andrew Hopping
    • Billy Howard
    • Kenneth Howard
    • Shannon Hydar
    • Ken Hymes
    • Gregory Imboden
    • David Imho_
    • Ellsworth Jackson
    • Greg Jacobs
    • Charles Jameson
    • David Johnson
    • Randy Johnston
    • Serge Kankolongo
    • Rodney Lancaster
    • Cynthia Lane
    • Keith Larson
    • Michael Lee
    • John Lewis
    • Norman Liddell
    • Blair Liebe
    • Francis Manning
    • John Manning
    • Brandon McCelland
    • Keith McCune
    • Scot Milburn
    • Kenneth Miller
    • Leo Miller
    • Gary Mo_ett
    • Dennis Mollick
    • Kevin Moore
    • Larnce Moore
    • Lynda Moore
    • Justus Moseley
    • Cindy Nelson
    • David Nelson
    • Todd Newcomb
    • Darleen ODell
    • Kevin Owens
    • William Owensby
    • Anthony Pierce
    • Robert Porter
    • Theodore Powell
    • Cli_ord Rector
    • Ken Robinette
    • Michael Robinette
    • Roy Roland
    • Jerold Root
    • Donald Rutter
    • Darcy Saindon
    • Michael Saindon
    • Willie Sanford
    • Gene Selby
    • David Sellers
    • Eric Semelroth
    • James Snack
    • Don Squire
    • John Sumy
    • Albert Sweet
    • Robert Toenyan
    • Thomas Turner
    • Cli_ord Underwood
    • Eric Vandeusen
    • Allen Vanpelt
    • Mark Wells
    • Reginald Weston
    • David White
    • Donald White
    • Patricia Whited
    • Randy Wilson
    • Robert Winskowski
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New Year, New Opportunity | Are you ready?

It’s already a new year and there you sit still doing what you’ve always done and continue getting the same undesirable results. Something’s got to give.

Richard Henley

Photo Submitted by Richard Henley

At night you dream of the open road, mountains and oceans, sunsets on the open plains. The lure of the open road tugs at you. Pulls you in. Ignites a fire in your heart. And yet, here you sit.

I get it. Deciding to be a truck driver is as BIG a decision as the rig itself. It’s life changing. You’ll be away from home, out of arm’s reach of those you love and all that’s familiar. You wonder if you can do it. But you just can’t shake the feeling, the draw of the road.

Every person who has ever considered becoming an over-the-road truck driver wrestles with the same thing. Those of us who took the leap will tell you to “JUST DO IT”. You’ll get used to it. You’ll figure out how to balance home and work. You’ll even develop a new normal, one that includes seeing new scenery each and every day.

Being an over-the-road truck driver is not a job. Far from it. It’s a lifestyle, one filled with adventure, newness, intrigue. It also has its challenges. It can get lonely but with modern technology, you can reach out to your friends and family in ways that makes you feel you’re almost there. It can also be tiring since you may have to deliver at all times of the day or night. But your body adjusts and for the most part, you can adjust your drive schedule to whatever suits you.

I must warn you that trucking grows on you. The first year is the most challenging and in all honesty, some don’t make it through that initial 365 days. But you have that dream and you’ll have the courage to keep going through the rough spots. Once you navigate that maze, you’ll find yourself immersed in a lifestyle that is exciting, gratifying and fulfilling. It is also utterly patriotic. You’ll be a part of a group of men and women who keep America going. You’ll be able to provide goods that feed America, keep her citizens healthy, happy and whole. You’ll be part of an elite force, a team of professionals called truckers.

So, you have options. You can continue to sit there where you are, in your current circumstance hating the life you have knowing it isn’t working for you. Or, like thousands before you, you can take the plunge. Take the step. Trucking isn’t for everyone but since you’re reading this and dreaming of the open road, it might just be for you.

Go ahead. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to do this? Remember, your dream is too important to remain unlived. Just do it!

Written by Reba J. Hoffman

IMG_1066Reba J. Hoffman joined Prime in 2014 after spending a year riding her bicycle alone around the country helping women victims of violent assault. A therapist by trade, Reba uses her understanding of people and how they tick to help them live their dream of being a trucker by serving as a CDL Instructor. When out of her truck, you’ll find her somewhere in the wilds of nature.

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Prime Inc. Driver Testimonial | Eric Durham

“I had started out at Prime as a slip seat driver out of the Shelbyville, TN Walmart account. I was working 10,12, sometimes 14 hour days, then driving 1.5 hours home. Doing this took it’s toll on me and my safety. I had contacted Josh Moore, spoke with him about my circumstances, and we agreed that I needed my own truck. I had have several instances where either I had needed something or had a question and it was promptly dealt with or answered. I have noticed and probably the most important thing about Prime is, the family atmosphere. I’m so proud to work with a company that honestly cares about everyone within the company. I can walk into the Springfield terminal and some of the office staff know my name on sight. They always ask how I’m doing and if there is anything they can help with. They always stop what they are doing to accommodate me and is very respectful in doing so. It is also a good feeling knowing that If needed I can call my dispatcher, day or night, or his fellow associates and get things done. Prime is by far the best of the companies that I have worked with. I do not feel that I work for prime but with prime.”-Eric Durham

Thank you for sharing this with us! We’re lucky to have you in our Prime Family, Eric.

Safe travels!

Eric Durham

Photo Submitted by Eric Durham

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Driver Submitted Photo-Tracy Whitman

“Always so proud to pull these trailers and proud that Prime participates in the Wreaths Across America program. Our country is great because of those that fight to keep it that way. A sincere thank you goes out to our veterans for all you do, we will never forget!”-Tracy Whitman

Tracy Whitman

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Christmas Angels in Pittston, PA

Lisa and Fran from our Pittston terminal coordinated with the Salvation Army this year & got 100 Angel Tree tags with gift requests. All 100 gift tags were taken, & our in-house and driving associates did some serious shopping & this is what it turned out like.

“I’m so proud to be a part of this wonderful group in PA. There are going to be 100 smiles on Christmas this year because of them.”-Lisa Lukachko

PA Angel Tree Donations

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Just One More Mile | by Karl Wiggins

Truck drivers come, and truck drivers go. This is a salute to my very good friend and best road dog ever, Mr. Gary Moffett and to his last mile as a Prime driver. Gary is an Army veteran and has driven for Prime for a total of eight years. Gary started having chest pains several months ago and like many of us who have passed the half century mark in life he chalked it up to age, stress, anxiety or fatigue. But that was not the case as he found out recently after dropping off his trainee driver in Texas.  Gary returned home to Oklahoma for a much needed break to spend time with his wife Sharon of 33 years and his daughters Ashley and Amanda and his son Cody.

While home and walking to the house Gary felt a severe burning across his chest and into his shoulders and his arms began to hurt. At hospital the next day the doctors gave them the bad news which being just before the holidays couldn’t have came at a worse time. Gary had 3 completely blocked arteries and the fourth was 75% blocked. The family’s world stopped, shifted and has changed forever. After 3 weeks of tests Gary has been told that because he ignored the early warning signs his heart may have been damaged and what would have been a routine procedure has now become something else, something much more serious.

Life can change in a heartbeat, literally. Prime has instituted cutting edge programs in an effort to educate and train a new breed of drivers to live a healthier lifestyle and this has never seemed as important to me as it does now. If you are experiencing chest pains or anything that seems irregular in your health then stop and take time to see a doctor.

Gary has trained many drivers here and that is to say that he is “old school” and has turned out drivers, not “steering wheel holders.” Gary’s lifelong passion has been driving truck and his family. Gary is at home in the loving care of his family and will soon get the final results of his tests and be given the course and procedures for his surgery and recovery. By the grace of God he could return to Prime and if anyone can do it, Gary can.

As usual I like to leave my readers with something to think about. Gary and his recent experience are telling you to “not mess around with your health.” If you sense something is wrong then you must immediately seek an opinion from a Doctor-do not hesitate, your family and loved ones depend on your good health and ability to do your job safely and Prime has the contacts to get you started in the right direction.

Please keep good thoughts and prayers for Gary and his family and remember, “Just One More Mile” is the one mile that may be your last.  Live now, live healthy and don’t take chances with your heart.
Comments and Prayers can be sent via text to 785-248-3635 to be forwarded to the Moffett family.

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Detention Example – Reading Customer Instructions

Last week, Prime paid out over $250,000 dollars in detention pay. That number could have been even higher, but we recently had two separate drivers lose out on $500 worth of detention (their cut would have been $360 each) because they missed a simple step in the process. Please read this example so it doesn’t happen to you!

When you are assigned to a trip, you receive a message with information about the specific customer you are hauling for—very similar to the message below:


Please pay attention to the line that states “…time noted on bills for all drops.”  The two drivers missed that critical step but did everything else correct.  Unfortunately, they failed to list their in and out times on the bills for the 10+ hours of detained stops

This was a customer specific requirement stated in the Qualcomm message.  All of the steps were not completed; therefore, we weren’t able to get approval for detention pay.

Please help us get the money owed to you for your time!  We ask that you follow all instructions listed in the Qualcomm message and let us do the rest.  Thank you for all of your hard work out on the road and please drive safely.

Written by Nakita Anderson

Chris StewartNakita Anderson joined the Prime team in May 2014 working in our Sales & Marketing department. She received her Master’s in Business Administration from Mississippi State University in 2009 while playing collegiate softball.

Fun Fact about Nakita: she enjoys watching NFL football and spending time with her 2 year old daughter.

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Prime’s Move to Automated Manuals in 2016

Success Leasing has completed the initial commitment to our three year truck deal for model years 2017, 2018, and 2019. We have entered into agreements to purchase Freightliner Cascadia Evolutions and Peterbilt 579’s with both having automated manual transmissions. The commitment is based on an overall lowest operating cost approach when comparing price/residual, fuel, repairs, and downtime. Also, several factors encouraged us to make the switch to all automated manual transmissions. We believe that automated manuals provide our lessors with the lowest operating cost possible along with additional benefits. We didn’t make this decision lightly. Considerable time was spent on research with existing operators, vendors, OEM’s and other companies.

I have included some frequently asked questions that I have received about automated manual transmissions.

What is Hill Start?

A: It is a feature that enables an operator to hold the hill and prevent rolling backwards for an amount of time.

What is creep mode?

A: A feature on automated manuals to establish a consistent speed when backing to make backing easier and offers a smooth takeoff.

How many automated manuals are on the road?

A: Peterbilt and Freightliner say that over 50% of new trucks being built will be automated manual transmissions.

Can I order a standard?

A: If your intent is to lease purchase, you can order a standard 10 speed transmission with an initial non-refundable deposit of $2,000 at the time of order. This doesn’t affect the amount of lease buy-down required to lease purchase but only affects the initial deposit amount. The initial deposit for an automated manual will stay at the $1,000 non-refundable amount at the time of the order.

What are the benefits of automated manual?

A: We believe automated manuals have many advantages including better fuel mileage and less repair costs.

What about the old automatics?

A: We agree that they weren’t the best, but the transmission has changed considerably over the last three years. We have run this new technology with the Freightliner DT 12 transmission in approximately 10 trucks for the last three years, and the operators are more than pleased with the performance.


We will continue to release information about the automated manuals over the coming months. Please call Success Leasing at 1-800-491-1240 and talk to one of the associates or myself if you have any questions.



Drew Martin

Manager of Success Leasing Program

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