Need a New Career? Work Hard, Get Paid

Do you need a new career because you feel stuck in a dead-end job? Does your hard work go unnoticed? Are you tired of working for a company that obviously doesn’t put its employees first?

If so, it’s time to end your desperate need for a new career and start a job at Prime Inc. Here, we offer a very incentive-based culture which is good news if you feel unappreciated in your current job and feel you need a new career. Everyone at Prime—from the recruiters to the mechanics to the drivers—can earn incentives at Prime.

Some of the incentive programs at Prime include referral incentives, Prime Rewards, and fuel bonuses. If you need a new job, consider what the rewarding career at Prime has to offer. Here’s how some of our programs work:

  • Driver Referral Program: As long as your referral runs under Prime’s operating authority as a company driver or an independent contractor who is leasing from Success Leasing, you get bonuses for the drivers you recruit to Prime! There is no limit to how many drivers you can recruit or amount of money you can earn.
  • Prime Rewards: This program was created in 2013 to reward Prime Drivers for a variety of things. During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, all drivers were awarded points to show appreciation from Prime. Another way to earn points from this program is to fuel up at the Prime Terminals in Springfield, MO, Pittston, PA, or Salt Lake City, UT. For every gallon of fuel you purchase at one of these Prime Terminals, you earn 1 point. Each point equals $0.01. You need to fill up anyway, so why not earn rewards by doing so at Prime Terminals? You can keep track of your Prime Reward points using the Prime Mobile App or by contacting your fleet manager. You can spend your Prime Reward points at the company café, salon & spa, company store, or mailroom.
  • Fuel Bonus Program: Prime also rewards you for driving efficiently. Bonuses start at $0.01 per mile for averaging 7.25 mpg. The incentive climbs to $0.063 per mile if you can achieve 9.5 mpg. With Prime drivers averaging 2,500 miles per week, you could easily earn a bonus between $25 and $150 or more per week just by driving with fuel economy in mind!

Fuel bonuses are paid weekly on the miles you submit, and the average mpg you achieve for the week.

If you’re ready to act on your need for a new career, visit the Prime website today to learn more about what opportunities Prime has to offer!


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