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At PRIME Inc., we’re always creating new ways to serve our driver associates, which is why we offer exceptional drivers online services. We continue to add new services regularly, but there are three primary services that we will always offer. Here’s a look at each driver online service that keeps us ahead of the competition.


In 2009, PRIME Inc. became a 100 percent electronic log company. This advancement ensures that our drivers get their driver-online-servicesrequired rest so we remain compliant with the DOT’s hours-of-service regulations. We also offer e-logs as part of our drivers’ online services, which enable load planners to maximize the productivity of each driver on the road. E-Logs provide a way to really measure as well as bill for time spent at shippers and receivers.

To prevent new associates from becoming overwhelmed, we offer new associates log class that teaches them how to use Qualcomm, which is featured in every one of our rigs. Plus, we offer access to a Log Department staffed by personnel who can assist drivers with questions seven days a week.

Payment Options

Drivers with PRIME Inc. operate tankers, flatbeds or refrigerated trucks. Our   contractors earn 7 to 72 percent of the actual rate billed to the shipper. When it comes time to be paid, one of our drivers’ online services is the convenience of multiple payment options. Drivers receive their load information via Qualcomm. Then, they have the option to either scan the load in using TripPak (or various other vendors) or through Qualcomm. The payment is received in payroll, audited for accuracy, and then added to the driver’s settlement.

Educational Video Service

We want our drivers to stay up to date with the latest transportation technologies, which is why educational videos are part of our drivers’ online services. Drivers can view the PRIME Inc. video library anytime by entering their driver code and PIN number. We add new content regularly so you’ll want to return again and again to see the latest video content.

To learn more about PRIME Inc., visit And if you are looking to drive with the best, apply for Prime today!

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