Welcome to Prime Inc. | Video

Robert E. Low started Prime Inc. in 1970 with just a single truck. But Robert had big aspirations. He wanted to start a company that focused on satisfying the needs of its drivers while also providing superior customer service to its clients.

And how did that dream prosper? Watch this video to find out!

2 Responses to Welcome to Prime Inc. | Video

  1. Susan Montgomery says:

    My husband works for Prime inc. and he loves it. I couldn’t of asked for a better company for my hubby to work for and get the great miles and loads he makes. Without Prime we would still be tryin to make end’s meet with our budgets and bills that were piling up. He started workin for Prime back in June of 11′. With him out on the roads i’m stuck at home with our son tryin to keep us busy so we’re not thinkin about him too much on his own. Every now and then I see a Prime truck in our town and would like to go talk to them but that would be a funny thing and they might think i’m a prostitute, so i stay away but think how lucky that person is to work for you guys. I hope my husband can continue workin for you guys as long as he can stand bein out there or until he wants to retire. Thanks again Prime for bein there when we needed you most. Take care and have a great day.

    Susan M.

    • Robert H. says:

      I am glad to see your post on this company I have decided on a career in truck driving and not knowing anything about it, so glad to see your great remarks. I have an approved app so now just to schedule my orientation.

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